“We have designed a gastronomic experience

for three different moments.

You will conceive it as an experiential journey

that will definitely fascinate you.”

A new experience in Madrid

The trip that we propose starts at the seashore in “La Mar”, eating tapas and rice dishes which, we guarantee, will bring more than one tear of pleasure to your eyes.


The “Raw Bar” comes next. A unique space where we serve cocktails and sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle tapas. You will feel like you are sailing on a yacht along the coast and living “La Dolce Vita”.


And don’t miss to book a table at “La Lonja”  for what will possibly be the experience which will most excite you. We are convinced that it will leave a deeper impression than you can imagine.


A trip for 3 different days.

A gastronomic experience which you will like to live over and over again.